Innovation and technologyInnovation and technology have caused a revolution in tourism and travel. Some parts of this labor-intensive industry have been radically transformed. But still, personal service and human-to-human contact remain the core of the customer experience, which leave an everlasting impression and memory with both tourist and locals alike.

As the tourism world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, risks still remain. The explosive and immediate growth in travel and tourism demand has left many industry segments in dire need of solutions, whether human or technological, to deal with acute shortages in human capital. The need for innovative thinking, the integration of technology, and driving the innovative spirit, to achieve new breakthrough solutions have multiplied tenfold.
Israel, a leading country in the start-up world, in collaboration with the World Tourism Organization, is happy to invite you to the Global Tourism Innovation Forum that will take place in Tel Aviv on February 15-16, 2023.

The GTI Forum will examine the connection between the tourism world and the innovation and technology worlds. Join us to discuss the following topics:

  • • How innovation and technology can solve labor shortages
    • Women leading innovation and entrepreneurship
    • The role of the states in encouraging innovation and fostering an innovative spirit
    • Smart mobility
    • Improving the tourist experience with the help of innovative technology
    • Social Sustainable development and Innovation in tourism products, services, and technologies

Israel Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with the UNWTO, has invited the Ministers of Tourism of over 160 members’ countries, as have the associated members of the UNWTO, which are comprised of the 500 leading private companies in the world tourism industry. Further invitations will be extended to investment companies and so-called ‘travel-tech’ start-ups and companies worldwide.


The conference will be held at Expo Tel Aviv, Israel, between the 15-16 of February 2023

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