Program|Israeli Ministry of Tourism

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

10:30-11:45  |  Challenges Facing the Israel Tourism Industry

Celebrating a record 4.1 million tourists in 2019, the tourism industry is facing the challenge of a shortfall in accommodations, improving service and transportation quality, and congestion on infrastructure.
Various solutions will be discussed, including presentation of  international data, as  relevant to Israel.

12:00-13:45  |  The New Tourism Future Trends in Tourism

What are the tourism technologies out there today, and what's in the pipeline?
Special research prepared for the Israel Ministry of Tourism will present the technological revolution and its impact on tourism.  How will that impact shape the future tourist?
Which products and experience will she/he prefer and how will she/he purchase them?

14:00-15:15  |  New Opportunities in Developing Markets

How do you recognize a developing market, and use the opportunity to the maximum?
We will look at the Chinese and South American study cases, as future potential tourism growth markets to Israel.

14:00-15:15  |  Employing Foreign and Palestinian Workers

Assisting with Employee shortages in the hotel industry. The Ministry of Tourism will present its model for employing foreign workers to alleviate the shortage in the hotel industry.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

09:30-10:45  |  Branding Tourism Cities

How do you brand a city, and what makes a city a tourism city?
What was the secret to the success of branding Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, in the "Two Cities One Break" campaign?
What contribution is made by  conferences, exhibitions and mega anchor events, and how can we maximize the tourism and branding potential of Eurovision 2019?

11:00-12:15  |  Competing Destinations and Products

What is the main Israeli tourism product?
Depends who you ask, and at which time of the year…. Are those the answers to who our competitors are?
The Ministry will present its research findings about main target audiences, their preferred products, and the competition.

12:00-13:30  |  The Iceland Tourism Test-Case

Positive Challenges – Iceland is facing tourism growth which is outpacing its available infrastructure resources.
We will host representatives of the Iceland Tourism Authority, to learn how to develop a sustainable tourism strategy.

12:30-13:45  |  The World's Best Hikes: Epic Trails! 

Experienced wloggers (walking bloggers) will share their hiking and cycling experiences around the world. The discussion will include ideas on how to make the Israel Trail part of this global trend.

14:00-15:15  |  Ministry of Tourism Policy Tools for Supporting SME and Local Government and Tourism Organizations

The Israel Ministry of Tourism offers a wide range of support tools for SME's, local government, and regional tourism organizations.
Meet the Ministry Team, and see the "Tourism incubators" model in action.
A "live" presentation, analyzing a real tourism SME, its business potential and the available  government assistance .